Beauty Florium [Flower Herbarium]-mini is perfect for a small gift. Flowers are inside of the clear plastic bottle with special liquid that is harmless to human. Beauty Florium keeps it's beauty for a long period of time and it's great decoration for any areas. You can even enjoy Beauty Florium in night time as well by using LED light.  

What's included: White Round Sticker Of LED light (On/Off). 


Florium dimension: Plastic Bottle 2" x 2" x 7" H


Scenique Flower Lab preserved flowers are real flowers that undergoes through a special treatment process. Therefore, it doesn't require watering and sunlight. The preservation technique allows flowers to maintain it's natural appearance and feel as if they were freshly-cut flowers! Preserved flowers last very long time with minimal care. Please check our "How to care" section. Enjoy the beauty!

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So Cute and beautiful

Love it ! Wrapping was perfect and lighting was amazing !